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  • The James Cotton Blues Band – Cotton Crop Blues מתוך Chicago / The Blues / Today!
  • The James Cotton Blues Band – The Blues Keep Falling מתוך Chicago / The Blues / Today!
  • My Baby מתוך Junior Parker: Mystery Train
  • Diggin' My Potatoes מתוך Dealin' With The Devil
  • Southside Boogie מתוך Dealin' With The Devil
  • You Don't Have To Go מתוך Harmonica Performances
  • Dealin' With The Devil מתוך Deep In The Blues
  • Down At Your Buryin מתוך Deep In The Blues
  • So Glad You're Mine מתוך Dealin' With The Devil
  • Chicken Head מתוך High Energy
  • James Cotton Blues Band – Please, Please, Please